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Booking & Prices

2024 prices and dates have now been updated and we are accepting bookings. 

Pricing Chart

Booking fees are quoted and charged in EUROS. You can pay by direct transfer using something like Transferwise if you do not have a Euro denominated bank account. After confirmation of booking, we will send you payment details. Bookings are fully confirmed after FINAL payment.

How to book

  • Please send an email to us containing the following information:
  • Your Arrival Date
  • Your departure date
  • The number of people in your group
  • A little about yourselves ( as it is my home so I love to know who would like to stay)

It is useful to know whether your dates are inflexible/flexible as it will help me to know whether I should alert you to different but proximate dates in the event that some of your requested dates are not available.

The villa is popular with both returning guests and new guests and at the time of writing in October 2023 I have a large number of people who have already requested to stay in 2024 and so availability can be tight.
I will admit to a personal quirk which is to give precedence to people working in the arts, music and literature so that the house continues to feed continued creative endeavours.

Nightly & weekly prices for 2024 for Villa Magda

Period StartingPeriod ToMinimumPrice/nightPrice/week
1st November 202320th December 202341491043
1st January 202429th February 202441551085
1st March 202431st march 202441651155
1st April 202430th April 202471851295
1st May 202431st May 202472051435
1st June 202430th September 202472291603
1st October 202431st October 202452051435
1st November 202420th December 202441551085

Cleaning Fees

Each booking incurs a single cleaning fee of EURO 75 payable with booking fee.

Holiday Insurance

We recommend (strongly) that you take out holiday insurance to cover against unexpected events, illnesses, etc. We cannot provide refunds against cancellations that would have been covered by your insurance. 

Terms & Conditions

COVID Cancellations

In this tricky time, we recognise that customers book in hope of being able to travel. In the event of COVID restrictions arising such as government restrictions which result in airline cancellations which mean you cannot travel to us, you will receive a full refund minus any banking fees arising. (Please read our pleas around holiday insurance as this is not a blanket cover but is offered with good will. This is not a niggling caveat.

Standard Cancellation Policies

We try to make life easy for both parties. However, where late cancellations arise and we are able to rebook the house, we would refund you your booking fee (minus a cancellation charge as below). The refund would be processed after the other party have confirmed and paid in full.

Cancellation PeriodRefund PercentageNotes
Within 7 days of making the booking100%except where bookings are within 30 days of arrival.
Cancellation before 60 days of arrival100% – 20 EURO cancellation fee
Cancellation between 30 – 60 days of arrival Full Refund – 50 EURO cancellation fee
Cancellation within 30 of arrival0%