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Eco Home

How you can help us reduce our footprint

We all share the same dreams and hopes… and the same fears. 

We need to change the way we live, we need to use less, buy less insignificance, use up, reuse, recycle. 

At Villa Magda, we are taking steps to try to reduce our footprint.

While you are with us...

We hope you will buy carefully:

  • Buy local – the Sunday market in Valdemossa is the perfect place to start. There is an excellent local ecological stand in the corner of the market. 
  • The local shop (the Estanco) is stocking more and more local produce including local, organically grown fruit and vegetables.
  • Buy the local Mallorquin ecological wine – better than the rest and so much better for us all.
  • Make little changes – switch off lights, use a little less water, walk when possible, pick up rubbish.
  • Recycle carefully – separate out and then dispose in the rcycling bins appropriately in the village in the car park.
  • Wash up using the sink container and then pour onto the trees and flowers in the summer months. They are always parched and will thank you with bushy growth and beautiful flowers.

Our water recycling system

All our water goes into the ground.

The water from the kitchen and machines goes into the pozho blanco for grey water. The water from the bathroom and toilets goes into a special water purifier which bubbles it with air to support a productive and busy colony of bacteria who break it all down. After they have done their work, it is fed to a settling tank and then upwards to a another tank from which it feeds the garden every morning and evening. 

You help them by not feeding them with substances that they cannot feed on and eat. 

You will notice that our cleaning products are all German. They are ecological and minimise the chemicals in the ground. If you need to replace them, please replace like for like.