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Inside the Villa

Main Room

The main room contains a piano, television, sofas and a standing desk if you need to work or write. There are also two filled bookshelves. There are windows on both sides of the house.

Main Bedroom

The main bedroom features an "Emperor" sized bed from California. The size is effectively square 6.6 foot x 6,6 foot. The mattress is orthopedic. The shutters open onto a view across the sea and when closed have built in mosquito nets so you can sleep with the windows open. There is a fan above the bed.

Second Bedroom

The second bedroom contains a double bed with cupboards and small table. The double doors with mosquito proofed shutters open onto the garden. There is an overhead fan.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is always the beating heart of the house. What our galley loses in size, it more than makes up for in equipment and design. We know you will want to cook up a storm while you are staying and you will be happy to know we have a complete portfolio of pots and pans, mixers and blenders. We even have a milk frother for your morning cortado.

The Bathroom

Power shower, proper mirrors, large window; small and perfect is how we describe the bathroom.

The Chillout

At the heart of the house is the chillout that combines dining table, desk for novel writing and day bed for when you just need to stop and reflect; all lit by the large double doors that look out on the sea.

The Mezzanine

Above the main room there is a mezzanine double bed. You climb up to it by a ladder. It is cosy but offers a wonderful view through the double doors right down to the Cala.