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Villa Magda

Romantic holiday rental overlooking the Cala Deia

Sleeps 4 + no cars + no noise + broadband

Welcome to my home, to Deia, and to the beautiful mountains and coastline of Northern Mallorca. I hope that you have a wonderful stay here and return home with beautiful memories.

Villa Magda has been an artist’s studio, a writer’s home and the site of many bucolic evenings with some of the world’s great artists, musicians and writers; evenings where food, wine and conversation flowed in equal tides of happiness and spirited attention.

Today, it is my home which I share with visitors who seek somewhere off the beaten track that is quiet, beautiful and romantic.

Unlike many of today’s AirBnb properties, Villa Magda is primarily a home and then a holiday rental. That means it is not furnished with Ikea furniture and a flat-pack kitchen but is lined with memories and mementos of my life. I hope that you will enjoy the sense of place that this creates and respect it as well.

Wake up to...

What guests say...

Panoramic Views

The villa sits at the top of the bluffs overlooking the Cala and the sea with a path that leads down to the Cala and your early morning swim.

Location for Villa Magda in Deia

The Villa is located down a farm track that wends through olive groves before reaching a small parking area at the end. The villa sits overlooking the sea and Cala Deia on the top of the hills side.

The Interior

The interior includes 2 double bedrooms (one with Emperor sized mattress) as well as a double mezzanine bed-space above the dining / writing room. There is a fully equipped kitchen, shower/bathroom and a main room complete with upright (tuned) piano


There is a chillout space, various small tables for writing, thinking or reflecting, a growing garden accompanied by the sound of  the sea and the bells of the resident sheep.

Eco House

The house is powered by solar panels that provide 80% of the energy needs of the house. We recycle our water for feeding the garden. Our rain water is stored for the summer and you can compost most of the kitchen waste.

Evening Sunsets

Somehow, the evening sunset at Magda is always wonderful whatever the weather!

Winter in Villa Magda

Unlike most of the houses in Deia, the house has full central heating, a wood burning stove, full insulation and double glazed windows… and you get the pleasure of watching the winter seas and listening to the waves breaking on the shores.

Night at Magda

After sunset the skies fill with stars. Dim the lights, lie back on one of the benches and start counting!

A little more to whet your appetite...

Dinner a mar
Sitting out with the sunset before you and the local bats cavorting in the air above you, whistling gently to each other.
Dreaming in Waves
Sleep to the accompaniment of the sea's gentle rhythm in an Emperor sized bed
One room in three
A desk for writing, a table for drawing and bed for thinking. What more does one room need?
The Framed Horizon
The frame remains the same, but the view always different
Food for travellers
The spring flowers feed our visitors from Africa. We try to keep a constant fund of food the local insects and bird life
Una copa de Vermut
We don't just enjoy drinking Vermouth, we make our own with 15 different herbs from the garden
As old as humanity
As you walk to the village through the Olives, consider that some of them were already Adult when Leonard or Shakespeare were born. Put all their ages together and they are older than humanity itself.
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