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Beautiful finca and gardens with excellent exhibition on life in the Tramuntana. Entry free which is a bonus.

Raixa is an old finca with italianate gardens on the road between Soller and Palma. There are a good number of reasons to visit:

  • beautiful gardens and house
  • very, very interesting exhibition on the old life in the Tramuntana mountains which is an excellent introduction of what makes the area so special
  • large car park
  • free entry.

Why guests should visit: it tells you in full audiovisual glory the history and economy of the tramuntana mountains which is a wonderful way to see more on your later travels. The gardens are lovely to sit in and sketch with mature plants and the tallest, thinnest palm tree I have ever seen.

Best way to get there: Travel by car to Soller and then follow the signs to Palma and pass through tunnel. Raixa is around 5 km beyond the tunnel on the right. There is lots of car parking.

Visit time: three hours

Website: https://raixa.conselldemallorca.cat/

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