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Came to Deia in 1978 with her then husband David Templeton. She continues to live on the island and paints constantly.

I first arrived in Deia in February 1978, in a VW camper van with husband and son Joe then 4 years old. The beauty of Deia, the Mallorquin spring and the unquestionable magic of the place,brought our road trip of the previous two years to an end. We had been travelling and selling work as we went around Europe,now we could stay in one place and sell work from home. Visitors it seemed would arrive in the village with the specific intention to buy a painting. Deia had a reputation and for that I give huge thanks to all those artists writers musicians who preceded us and paved the way, making their lives in this small mountain village. After living for two years in “Jakov’s tower” I moved back to England in 1983. I started up an art group and ran life drawing classes.i was also kept busy with portrait work. In 1997 I returned to Mallorca by boat with Gus.(it was the rebuilding of this old wooden fishing boat that kept me from Mallorca for so long.) Living and working on board I began once again to show my work in Deia. Boat life came to an end in 2011 and we retreated to the centre of the island where I discovered the joy of gardening, staying in one place and listening to the birds. Simplicity and Beauty are keywords in my life and I hope these qualities find a way into my paintings.

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