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Winter – Seasons in Deia

Reasons to visit Deia in the Winter

The winter in Mallorca takes on an extra drama in the Tramuntana mountains. Unlike the tourist towns that seem windswept and forgotten, the community is very much alive in the Village. The hotels may be closed but the shops are still open and the bars as well.

The community continues to celebrate the ancient festivals.

The Arrival of the Three Kings in the village to celebrate Christmas on the 12th day of Christmas.

This is the perfect time to experience the landscape in your walking boots. The weather is generally dry and cool but there is the pleasure of sudden storms and large waves crashing against the rocks.

In the winter season, the landscape still manages to look dry but there is a verdant greenery and the normally summer-baked sheep look snug and happy in their winter fleeces.

Happy sheep under a big blue winter sky in January

Visitors in the Villa Magda will find themselves toasty warm with the central heating and the stove pumping out heat in the main room. Winter is the perfect time for quiet, for sitting inside listening to winter breakers on the shore while reading or writing.

The nights can be cool and clear which makes them the perfect conditions for star gazing and generally reflecting on how small our place in the general scheme of things.

Beautiful wintery starry nights

The days can be calm but with that wintery sense of menace even when the skies are calm.

Walking along the coast

Even in the cold of winter, Deia does not entirely cast off the antics and pleasures of the summer. There is still music and happiness.

Oona’s son Orlando jamming at Sa Fonda

You may find you don’t want to leave the house but with hot toddy, watch the sun set on another happy day!

Sun setting over the Villa Magda

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