The Walk to Deia

Don't drive when you can walk into the village through the olive groves.

Most of our guests have a car but having a car and using it is two different things. There is a lovely walk from Villa Magda to the village through the olive groves to the village. You should wear good walking shoes for the uneven ground and maybe bring a backpack for the victuals that you will bring home.

The walk takes you across the Olives above the house and then down into the valley between the village and the Cala. You cross the road and walk up towards the bottom of Deia and approach the village through the Clot.

The Lover Olive Tree

The artist Mati Klarwein painted a wonderful old olive tree that has formed into two intertwined trunks like lovers. Mati is more famous as the artist who painted the classic album cover for Santana’s Abraxas album. As you walk up the road and pass the houses above you will see the tree on your right. The trees are probably 500 years old.

The Lovers Olive Tree

Take your time...

There is no greater lesson in life than the ancient olive that lives on even when it looks like it cannot survive. Every olive is a character with a face and personality. Many of these olives are truly ancient and barely productive, yet despite no bark and a few leafy twigs… still they live on. 

Ancient Olive
Ancient olive clings to life

You can walk through the trees to the right or simply continue up the road until you see a small wooden sign pointing right to Deia Village. If you walk through the trees you will join with the path that bears to the right and then drops into the valley of the Cala. As you pass into the valley you get a view of Deia on its little pinnacle of rock with the mountains behind.

View to Deia from Cala
View towards Deia from the walk

Walking down into the valley, you enjoy an excellent view of the terraces across the way and you can grasp what a commitment it was to wrest a living from this difficult ground.

Towards Deia

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