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Coast Walk

Turn right for a giddy walk along the coast

Walk down from the villa towards the Cala, turning right at the wooden sight for a wonderful, at times giddy walk along the cliffs.

The path along the coast towards Soller is by turns beautiful, scary and always filled with exceptional vistas and sudden dramatic views.

It is one of those walks that seems to be perfect in stormy weather where you can watch the waves crashing against the rocks or when the sea is perfectly calm and like a millpond.

Clouds, sunlight and crashing waves. Exciting views wherever you look.

It is a path that requires you to be aware all the time. The ground is uneven and at times you seem to hug a narrow path over a precipitous drop. People have serious accidents here when they do not attend to their feet. Don’t let that put you off – it is wonderful walking with so many places to stop and simply take it all in.

We recommend that bring a good pair of walking shoes/boots with you so you can really enjoy yourselves.

Returning home, dodging the spray from the waves of a distant storm beating against the coast.

But whatever time of day you walk, you will be rewarded with wonderful views that simply take your breath away.

On returning to the Villa, a last turn back and a dramatic evening sky

As you can see, you will certainly want to bring your camera. Even when you think there is nothing to photograph – at the next turn you will be disabused.

A small cove foaming with the sea

It looks dramatic, but not all the walk is along the cliff edge. There are stretches through the ancient pine grows with our friend Laurent’s unusual bird nest sculptures that he builds for no other reason than the wood is lying on the ground and can be turned into something natural.

Trees encircled by Laurent’s natural sculptures.

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