Sa Fonda Bar

The place where Deia sings and dances

Sa Fonda has been the watering hole of choice for villagers and visitors since time immemorial. It is still the location where you are most likely to find live music and a good drink and a place for star-gazing of the famous kind. At the weekends there is often live music from local bands.

Climb the stairs to the terrace that sits over the main road in the centre of town. We recommend the Madrid Vermouth (Vermouth, a dash of Gin and soda water over ice). You can just rock up. No need to reserve a spot!

They serve food as well, but why eat there when there are so many restaurants to choose from although we can recommend the vegan burger.

In the daytime Sa Fonda can be quiet and very relaxing. (see featured image).

In the evening, it can be bustling and full of energy!

Sa Fonda
Sa Fonda at night… party time!

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