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Tower Walk

Another wonderful walk around the Cala to the old watch tower

Walk around to the other side of the Cala and there is another wonderful walk up the hillside to the end of the road, and then on through the woods to the old watch tower that looks out over the sea for Barbary pirates.

The old watch tower

The cannons from the tower now reside near the church at the top of Deia. The tower was a watch for pirates from North Africa. Only a few years ago you could climb up inside it, but now it is sealed from entry and is slowly falling into wrack and ruin.

Give yourself two hours for a stiff walk up the hill and then a lovely amble through the woods. beyond the tower you can look up the coast towards the west.

On the walk back you enjoy a wonder view of the Cala and your little house perched high on the hillside.

Looking back towards the Villa Magda across the Cala

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Born in Panama of Jamaican parents, he went to school in Kingston before going to Oxford, N.C., where he lived until he was drafted into the Army in 1943. A master sergeant

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Frances Baxter


A painter from Australia. Studied painting with Frank Hodgkinson, another Deia alumni. Moved to Deia in 1977 and married Juan Graves, son of Robert. She has returned to Australia now and continues to make art and music.

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Paul Crotto

Born in 1921. Like many other US veterans (Bill Waldren, George Sheridan, Norman Yanikun) Paul came to Europe on his GI Bill to study art in Paris. With his friends he came

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