US novelist, translator and teacher and lecturer.

Born 1952. A U.S. journalist, novelist, translator and teacher. Born in Neptune, New Jersey, she grew up in Turkey and now lives in England, where she lectures at the University of Warwick and is a regular contributor to several London broadsheets. Among her novels is “The Life of the Party”, set in Turkey. She has also written “The Other Rebecca”, a contemporary version of Daphne du Maurier’s classic novel Rebecca. Her name has become well known to many as the English translator of Orhan Pamuk’s recent novels (including Snow). She works closely with Pamuk on these translations, because they often serve as the basis when his work is translated into other languages. They were both educated simultaneously at Robert College in Istanbul, although they did not know each another at the time.

Maureen has 4 children and 2 stepchildren. Her three daughters are called Pandora, Helen and Emma. Her son is called Matthew. Her two step children are called Kimber and Rachel.

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