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The Pleasure of Storms

Watching a storm sweep in as just as wonderful as a bright sunny day.

We always suppose that the only weather we want is bright, soft and sunny days. But when your house is perched over the sea, then there is nothing more exciting and enthralling than the majesty of sea making itself felt.

The distant clouds darken and rustling sound of the waves deepens into ever louder crashing. The far edges of the Cala become fringed with a white rind of froth and the water turns into serried ranks of tumbling waves.

Wrap up and walk down to the Cala to watch how it has been transformed: the restaurants closed, the people gone and just you and the waves breaking and throwing up water like fireworks.

Waves breaking against Cas Patro March retaurant.
Waves breaking in the Cala de Deia

The joy of Deia is how often transitory the storms are. Fierce as they cross overhead and then gone again!

Below is a screenshow of a day that starts with bright sunshine, descends into storm (further down the coast there was a tornado) and then by the end of the day we had sunshine again.

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